FAQ: Legends of Signum: The Cursed Forest
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How is that different from “Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor” set? Do we have to learn the game from scratch?

Of course not. The set “Cursed Forest” is the expansion of the game, which means you can use all the available factions in the game. It has some rules modifications (for instance now tactic card is triggered by the decision of the player who played the tactic card), two new factions, new mechanics, new exciting game modes, and many more. The factions will have their special catchy style with brand new mechanics, for example, spider-like Elves will be able to Poison and curse their enemies, spawn insidious minions (new creature type), etc. Their enemy, the Alliance, will have both Forest Elves and Wolfens fight on this side so they have pretty different mechanics, complementing each other, Elves are agile fighters and eagle-eyed archers while Wolfens, for their part, are powerful fighters and hunters with heightened senses. And of course, there will be a bunch of mercenaries that can be used by any faction.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Is it compatible with the box “Battle for Vallor” I have?

Sure, as we said recently, it is an expansion of the game, so it expands it and updates the rules (a little bit) so you can definitely use previous cards and factions.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

If I have “Dragon Hunters”, could I buy 1 starter box of this set and play with my friend in the game?

No, “Dragon Hunters” is not a starter box, it was a stand-alone expansion when the characters can be used in Legends of Signum, so in DH there are only hunters that are mercenaries in Legends of Signum. To play the game you should have at least two heroes and your army with support cards (at least 20 cards for each side), as well as building cards - every single starter has everything necessary for the game for only 1 faction, so in order to play with your friend you both should choose your preferable faction and buy the corresponding starter box (1 for each side).

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Will I be able to use my good old mercenaries with the new starter?

Definitely! All of the characters are available!

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

What to do if some if my Elves and Wolfens which were mercenaries but now have their factions?

You can still use them as mercenaries if you have their miniature and mercenary card. If you have ordered miniature and would like to have their faction card, please contact us we’d gladly send them to you!

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Will you be updating Empire and Vallor for them to meet the changes to the changed rules? And how?

Yes, along with the two new starter box, there will be Vallor and Empire starter boxes with the renewed rules (lesser number of characters, recruitment of minions which is the new creature type, etc).

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Are you going to release new support cards and can I use old ones?

Of course, it is fully compatible with “Battle for Vallor”. There will be “gray” universal support cards for any faction as well as faction support cards for Akkari and the Alliance.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Is there any way I can get the already constructed deck? Where can I get acquainted with deck building strategies and recommendations?

We are working on the possibility for the players to order already constructed deck. As regards recommendations, soon we will present you cards database where you can search for specific cards using clear filtering and also we are going to make some deck building recommendations there.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

I don’t need the game, how can I get the miniatures only?

Some of the miniatures are part of the boxes, they will be available after Kickstarter once we release the game.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

How can I get only Add-ons?

Add-ons are available for purchase for any users just choosing them in on the Kickstarter campaign page if they are available.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

If I want to order 10 copies of one miniature from the starter box, is it possible to order it?

The miniatures will be available in our store once the game is released so you can wait for some time once it’s available for sale.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Do you ship all over the world?

We do! Whatever you region is, we do ship everything to any corner of the world.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Battle Set and Battle Set+ will include miniatures for additional modes from opened stretch goals. Will they be available in the Battle Set once it's released in the store?

No. All the enemies will be represented as tokens in the released version of the game. But miniatures for additional modes will be available for purchase.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

There are PvE and PvP modes in the new game, what is it?

These are additional modes for the game where you can challenge either the game or your friend in the competitive game mode. In PvE (Player vs Environment), you play as a Hero against the game itself, you play by the standard LoS rules trying to accomplish the quests and earn Victory Points. The Overlord - an invisible force will do its best to stop you and becomes even more dangerous if you do well on the battlefield. Thus, the more Victory Points you have, the more power has the Overlord, and the slower you’re attempting to accomplish the Quests, the more troubles you face. You can compete with your friends in who has achieved more Victory Points and who was the most effective Hero in the struggle against the game. The PvP (Player vs Player) is the similar to PvE game mode but it’s even more dangerous as now another player takes a side of the Overlord, and now if in PvE the enemy creatures had their special way of moving and attacking, now it becomes even more unpredictable.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

PvE mode can use only cards or one application is necessary?

Currently, the application is not in the coming plans, but I will send the requests to my teammates to probably make it once it’s possible.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Two precedents factions can use the PvE mode ? The same question for the limited recently faction Plague Doctors.

Yes, you can use both factions to play new PVE and PVP modes. We recommend using starter decks but later you can use your own constructed decks to play

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Wolfens Dogs of War they can recruited for the new faction as a regular characters of Alliance of Unicorn ? For example Agrad or Kriemhild will have in the future a Alliance of Unicorn profil ?

The characters that became a part of a new faction can also be mercenaries and still can be recruited by other faction if using their neutral cards, they are a bit different from their new shapes. But the common rules still should be applied (one miniature of the same name in the deck)

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Will some older characters be getting faction cards in the new factions? I am wondering specifically for existing wolfens, elves, undead? Or are undead of styx their own faction?

Regarding the older characters, yes some of them, Wolfens and Elves will finally become a part of their faction, though their old mercenary cards still will be playable. The faction of Undead is unreleased yet so they remain mercenaries for now.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Will you be providing a list of units that will have faction cards?

Once we release KS, we will prepare the lists of the updated character cards for those who will be a part of the new faction.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

Will you be rebalancing any units in the existing factions (Vallor, Empire)?

All the new characters were made taking into account game balance, and some of the Vallor/Grypharim characters will have some minor changes.

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

If existing characters will be getting new cards, how will you be handling getting the cards to players who already own the miniatures?

As for people who already have miniatures, that’s pretty usual, so we are always willing to send the new card if they have the miniature. For this, you can, for example, place an order either on our website or participate on Kickstarter and let us know about your request

Last updated: June 09, 2020 10:38

How much are shipping costs?

Shipping of one Starter Set costs roughly 15$, and 25$ for the Battle Set (two starter sets). Other pledges will depend on the parcel weight.

Last updated: June 11, 2020 03:32

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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