Legends of Signum: The Cursed Forest

Created by Legends of Signum

Signum Games presents the game "Legends of Signum: the Cursed Forest" that will tell you a story about Alliance of Wolfens and Forest Elves facing terrifying spider-like Akkari Elves - the two brand new forces that join the battle, thus swelling the ranks of existing factions. These two powers bring a lot of new creatures led by their Heroes, new gameplay features and mechanics, brand new game modes, as well as many other exciting things for you to have astounding tabletop game experience here in the Cursed Forest!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Late March Update. New stuff from the Printing House, and the information on the KS delivery.
8 months ago – Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 12:08:10 AM

Hello everyone!

We hope you all are doing well and staying safe! 

Our team can't wait to start the deliveries as soon as possible, but on the other hand, our country on the verge of another wave of quarantine restrictions, so no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow. Here's hoping it won't affect the production of the paper material because this is the main thing that frequently suffers due to the lockdown. 

We had time to produce the short rules reference sheet, and now you can take a look at what we've got prepared for you on this occasion. The quick rules will be helpful for you to master the main game mechanics and it's just a very useful thing because it provides you with great guidance during the game.

Image 1. Quick Rules Sheet
Image 2. Quick Rules Sheet
Image 3. Quick Rules Sheet

Regarding the start of delivery, we're still not quite sure how our city (Kharkiv) is going to handle the upcoming quarantine restriction that might potentially close up everything again :( 

It already affected Kyiv, setting its zone as red (the most strict), while Kharkiv is currently in the orange zone, and they say it's also going to become red in the coming days. These are not very positive news, so we're now doing our best to produce as many materials as possible before the shutdown. We anyway hope for the best :)

If everything goes well, we're going to start deliveries in late April.

Meanwhile, we're always happy to hear from you. If you have any questions or issues; maybe you changed your house or something else happened during this period, please let us know before we start sending it all out.

We're in touch. Have a great upcoming weekend and take care!

Kindest Regards,

Signum Games

Resumption of production in the Printing House. New Battlefields and update on the miniatures production.
9 months ago – Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 11:09:54 AM

Hello guys!

We understand that this uncertain situation sometimes doesn't give us a lot of choices and the strengthened restrictions last month obviously slowed down our production, but we always keep our heads up and will do our best to finalize everything as quickly as we can. However, it's not applied to the general miniatures production as more than 90% of the miniatures have been already produced; and now it's just a question of time when we finally receive the remaining game components in order to be fully prepared for delivery. 

The only good news from the printing house for today is that they had time to print tons of the game battlefields, and we finally received them in our office :)

Image 1. New Battlefields
Image 2. New Battlefields

The printing quality looks great overall, and we can't wait to share it with you. This time, the battlefield has two pretty distinctive sides as if mother nature is fighting against calamity and withering in the eternal war of life vs death.

Regarding the timeline, we're now aiming for mid-April to send out the first parcels. Starting from the moment the first parcel set off, the further delivery should go pretty quickly until the very last backer in the queue. We'll keep you updated on this one, and also will let you know once we have any more stuff from the printing house as we're looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great week and stay safe!

Best Regards,

Signum Games

January update. Production of the miniatures, printing the material, lockdown issues.
11 months ago – Wed, Jan 13, 2021 at 03:48:05 PM

Hello friends! 

Many of you asked us about the status update and we finally prepared the news. To date, production of most miniatures has been successfully completed, and it's still underway as some of them are still being produced. Traditionally, we prepared a few pictures from our workshop, check them out below :)

Some bad news came from the printing house. The tight lockdown implemented in Ukraine in January owing to the Covid-19 is seriously delaying the printing process, therefore likely we won't get it ready at the end of the month as they temporarily stopped the whole work and no one knows when it's going to be resumed (the lockdown should end in Jan 24th, but there's no guarantee it won't be renewed). We're now looking for other options to continue that work during the lockdown. Let's hope the restrictions won't cause too long waiting time and they will be able to return to their work soon. While the Signum Games team works during that period normally, some of our partners experience really bad troubles as they are temporarily deprived of their works.

Image 1. Lycoris, the Fairy Queen (1)

A lot of people pre-ordered Lycoris on Backerkit, so we had to increase our production plan.

Image 2. Lycoris, the Fairy Queen (2)

Image 3. Rotten Stump
Image 4. Miniatures from Add-ons (1)
Image 5. Miniatures from Add-ons

We're watching the situation and looking for the most optimal ways to solve this issue. Once we have any updates news from the Printing House, you will be the first to know it :)

End of November. Production of the Alliance of the Unicorn models.
about 1 year ago – Sat, Nov 28, 2020 at 12:41:44 AM

Hello guys,

The work on the Second Set is underway. We've already prepared and sent all the printing stuff (game cards, boxes, rules, and more) to our printing house, and according to our previous experience, the shipping should be started in 1.5-2 months since the printing house received the stuff :)

As regards the miniatures production, here are some pictures of the models of the second faction (the Alliance):

Image 1. Caillion the Captain of Steel Blades

Image 2. Caillion the Captain of Steel Blades
Image 3. Sigrid the Runespeaker

Image 4. Sigrid the Runespeaker

Image 5. Estarin the Animal Charmer

Image 6. Estarin the Animal Charmer
Image 7. Estarin the Animal Charmer

As you can see on the pictures, the quality of the produced miniatures is amazing so now it's time to produce the rest and wait for the stuff from the printing house :)

Image 8. Even more miniatures

So there's not so much time left to wait, we hope we can do it pretty quickly and can't wait to start sending all out :)

As always, we're in touch in case you have any questions or concerns. Have a great upcoming weekend!

Early November Update. Miniatures and game production is underway!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Nov 04, 2020 at 12:53:22 AM

Hello guys, 

It's been a difficult month. Our game designers tested and added new thematic keywords for both factions and tested all the new creatures and abilities in the game. We're preparing game cards and rulebook for printing and tested the quality of the miniatures.

We're ready to provide you with some fresh pictures from our workshop. The results of the produced miniatures look great and we're happy with their overall quality. 

Image 1. Fairy Dragon
Image 2. Fairy Dragon
Image 3. Fairy Dragon
Image 4. Fairy Dragon
Image 5. Nature Spirit
Image 6. Spider Witches
Image 7. Dragon Spider
Image 8. The miniatures

November will be a sensitive time to finalize the production of the miniatures and print all the game stuff once it's ready. We'll keep you in touch with you and send you future updates once another stage of production is done :)

We apologize if our response during last week was a bit delayed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Stay safe and see you soon!

All the best,

Signum Games